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Today, you have the opportunity of bringing Mexico together!

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For some reason, the movie had to add a romantic essence of Juan Osorno with the appearance of Citlali, a mestiza helping her aunt with the Mexican troop needs.

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He is stern, decisive and brave. He starts out as an eager soldier but quickly tires of the defeat that is anticipated for his troop by the French army. You and I are fighting against the empire. Your time is important. Today, este cinco de Mayo, the French will respect the Mexican eagle and they will look up to this flag from a puddle of their own blood! Civil War as an opening to bring a French empire back to North America. Who wrote this essay? But above all, we are free men and free men know no fear and recognize no rival. History Lesson. After that scene, other captions tell a summary of the War of Reform that Juarez waged against the Conservatives, leaving the country devastated and in bankruptcy.

And I have been afraid to die at the hands of the invader. Even without the subtitles, the story line would be easy to follow because the acting and costume design makes it clear as to which army represents which country, who the leaders are and who the villains are.

Osorno makes comments of the Mexican Army that, although slightly biased, described the conditions of the soldiers: unskilled, unprepared, and lacking proper equipment like uniforms and rifles.

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The French General Lorencez is the villain as his character is calculating, malicious and arrogant. And we are brave! What hooks you?

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And Mexican history is of particular interest to me. Just before the battle, General Zaragoza addresses the Mexican army with a powerful monologue that addresses who and what Juan represents and gives the exact reasons why they must fight to the death for Mexico.

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Juan represents the Mexicanos who loved their country but were already filled with defeat. There's a problem with this paper. The attack against the Republic of Mexico is a continuation of the attack against the French Republic. They do because they have never faced brave Mexicans … warlike Mexicans! The rich against the poor , liberals against conservatives, peasants, mixed race, foreigners. This country has shed a lot of blood in wars since its independence. This day you will face an army that regards itself as unbeatable. And Mexican history is of particular interest to me. After the French army kills his long-time friend who came to retrieve Juan, he decides to return to his troop and fight in battle at Puebla. Confederate army. He is stern, decisive and brave. Again, I recommend it as a history lesson but not a boring one at all.

Since that point, Osorno became a helpful source of information for General Zaragoza; however, his friend Artemio died on the hands of the French.

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Cinco de Mayo, La Batalla