A personal feel that pro athletes salaries are too high

Thousands of teenagers idolize famous athletes and because of this, they are required be perfect models for these young people by using their excellent performances. The problem with this is that they usually keep playing while they are hurt by taking pain medicines that are provided by the teams to numb the pain.

Professional athletes are paid to give audiences excitement, but sometimes this excitement comes at a price. As a professional athlete, you are constantly being watched by the media and society.

Whether a fan or enthusiast watches the game live or on replay, the high-voltage intensity and addicting thrill of every turnover and every score made just makes the person go wild.

They basically have to give up their privacy in exchange for fame and money. Facebook Logo. There are many factors that we must consider before making rash generalizations concerning these athletes.

I would argue that this is the fault of our mainstream media. They cannot go to shopping without disguise, and they are deprived of the right of living a normal life like everybody else.

Anyways in order to make the millions first an athletes must make it to the professional level. This allows our team to focus on improving the library and adding new essays.

reasons why professional athletes are paid too much

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The Ethics of the Salary of Professional Athletes Essay