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Learn more about our consultants Other articles by CollegeVine. An exception to this is if you grew up in poverty or a low socioeconomic background, as these will convey the same honesty as immigrant stories with the added benefit of being a little more uncommon.

Here, the consequences are severe in the sense that you lost a friend and risked being criticized for a lack of loyalty, but appropriate in that the law was not involved.

Another example could be chronicling your life in a comedic story by discussing major events with a lighthearted and fairytale-like tone. Also feel free to use their sample prompts as inspiration.

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Jeremy approaches the subject with touching candor, detailing how his family lost their home in pursuit of the American Dream, and how he lost his beloved Hot Wheels collection. Did you try to build an app this summer? I never fathomed, however, that it would not take nearly as long for that collection to disappear as it took to grow.

By connecting your main passion with another topic, you can provide greater depth on your intellectual vitality.

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However, rather than discussing your goals to promote sustainability, you could instead analyze the topic from the perspective of educating your peers on being role models in the face of modern challenges. The strongest essays are those involving situations where the lines between moral and immoral are blurred, making it all the more challenging to reach an appropriate conclusion.

Are you applying to other schools with more specific prompts? My mother was six months pregnant with me when my parents signed the papers in Day laborers were instructed to come and throw our belongings onto the front lawn.

Another approach is crafting an inner monologue that discusses your initial struggle to make new friends or find your inner circle, reflects on your emotional maturation across high school, or contemplates the moment when you confronted your biggest fear.

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Harvard University Supplemental Essay Prompt Guide