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Another way to consider this is that deductive reasoning has you examine your data with an open mind, look for patterns, develop a hypothesis, and then move to theory. It is doubly sad that so many teachers are left alone in their classrooms to reinvent the wheel on a daily basis.

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The reporting of action research most often occurs in informal settings that are far less intimidating than the venues where scholarly research has traditionally been shared. Included in this stage is action-planning activity carried out jointly by the consultant and members of the client system. In my own work I use a two-step process of Google searches and then Google Scholar to quickly learn more about a topic. At every cycle, the research process includes these four stages, with deepening experience and knowledge of the initial proposition, or of new propositions. Some teachers will rely on traditional ways to solve these problems. It also illustrates other aspects of Lewin's general model of change. This was further developed in "adult education" models throughout Latin America. The results stage is a period of refreezing, in which new behaviors are tried out on the job and, if successful and reinforcing, become a part of the system's repertoire of problem-solving behavior. Furthermore, when teachers begin engaging their colleagues in discussions of classroom issues, the multiple perspectives that emerge and thus frame the dialogue tend to produce wiser professional decisions. I teach four classes of regular chemistry and one Advanced Placement chemistry class in a science department comprising seven faculty members. I am unable to write this kind of program with my current resources one of which is time constraints and without funding to purchase one of the already written packages such as Web-Assign I am doubtful that I can continue with this method. The research includes building a knowledge base to understand the effectiveness of the action or plan being considered. In my own work I find it is helpful to lay out all of my data and the identified themes or patterns in an area that is easily visible while working. Thus, selecting a focus, the first step in the process, is vitally important.

Come up with a list of literature review that you can briefly discuss. Nevertheless, great personal satisfaction comes from playing a role in creating successful solutions to continually changing puzzles. Although they differ somewhat from state to state and province to province, fundamentally these standards-based systems have certain things in common.

Cooperative inquiry creates a research cycle among 4 different types of knowledge: propositional as in contemporary sciencepractical the knowledge that comes with actually doing what you proposeexperiential the real-time feedback we get about our interaction with the larger world and presentational the artistic rehearsal process through which we craft new practices.

Second, you may choose to disband the organization to address the problem.

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As you develop your focus and identify a specific frame to guide your thinking, you should also adjust your research questions.

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Four steps to conducting action research in the classroom