Alliance nissan renault essay

The alliance became the third largest automobile firm in the world. Nissan enjoyed the sales from the big European market and since that time it has recorded the impressive returns into its investment.

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Nissan had the culture of complacency; and it was said that it lacked the urgency in its activities. Renault needed to increase its presence in the Asian region that was turning out to be a growing market.

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Alliance nissan renault essay

Nissan supposed the relationship with DaimlerChrysler to be better as DaimlerChrysler had more resources, and they admired the Mercedes brand. They also made a study on Ford and Mazda alliance and concentrated more on the cultural aspects together with the financial ones. London: Institute of Personnel Management, The latter, on the other hand emphasis more frequent reference to managerial implication, even though the general sense is really close to what Hofstede set out. Equally, without the association the company could have been able to conquer the American Market, as before their alliance they had no sales in the USA. Daimler produces cars and trucks under the brands of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach, Smart, Freightliner and many others. Another important practical point is to Encourage collaboration in fact if a problem come up, rather than prejudge someone or something, it is always better try to analyse of how both parties contributed to it and what each can do to improve it. Although the deal was proclaimed as a merger of equal partners, it turned out in a quite short period of time that the Germans has seen themselves as a superior partner and their authoritative approach has been perceived as rather arrogant from the Americans point of view. Unexpectedly, Nissan was very willing to start talks with Renault. In the end , it was realized that his goals had failed to materialize by a huge margin.

In the same year the Renault-Nissan alliance was initiated, Daimler-Chrysler alliance was ongoing. Upon his retirement, Ghosn took over as the president of the two companies.

During the yearSchweitzer retired from Renault Corporation. These synergies, mainly due to rationalization of platforms and a joint purchasing and distribution policy should have amounted to three billion euros savings in coming years. He wanted to change Nissan into complacent company, despite the economic distress experienced in Japan after the burst of the bubble economy and the poor market and financial performance.

Both long negotiation period and the alternative perspective of an alliance with DaimlerChrysler might be perceived as an attempt to prove the global position of his company on the market, despite current financial problems.

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Renault Nissan The Paradoxical Alliance Marketing Essay