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Select four to five examples to include in your essay. Expert Tips and Advice The single greatest reason students write poor responses to readings, including poems, is a lack of specific focus on the reading itself.

Understatement: The antonym for hyperbole, an understatement is often meant as dry humor when a character or speaker says something is insignificant when it is truly not.

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You can find an example of a full exam with which to practice here. To Zhao, who has been writing extensively for about three years—primarily poetry—she enjoys unrhymed free verse but sometimes likes to experiment with different structures. Answer the prompt Read the question very carefully.

Allusion: A special type of reference to another work of literature, a symbol, an event, or a person. One common error on the poetry question is that students only interpret the poem.

Rhyme and rhythm: Rhyme refers to the similarity or identical nature of sounds at the ends of lines.

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Avoid Pitfalls Leading to Low Scores AP essay responses are scored using a matrix of 0 to 9, from not responding at all to an excellent response with sophisticated writing, strong vocabulary and exceptional insight.

A great score on the AP English Literature and Composition test can get you college credit or advanced placement.

Oftentimes, students trying to make a great first impression will spend too much time on the introduction. Failing to answer part of the prompt can really mess up your score. Caesura: Found exclusively in poetry, a pause in the middle of a line of poetry.

Enjambment: When a thought in poetry does not stop at the end of a line break; it merely continues on in the following line.

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