Assignment 1 problem solving final

Content Talk about why you structured the program the way you did. Testing How did you test individual functions?

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Content and Structure Your audience is the tutors and lecturers, who are proficient at programming and understand most concepts. If you need additional help with report writing, the academic skills writing centre has a peer writing service and writing coaches.

Irrelevant diagrams, graphs, and charts.

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If you collaborated with others, what was the nature of the collaboration? The report must have a title page with the following items: Your name Your laboratory time and tutor Your university ID An excellent report will: demonstrate conceptual understanding of all major functions, and how they interact when the program as a whole runs; explain your design process, including your assumptions, and the reasons behind choices you made; discuss how you tested your program, and in particular why your tests give you confidence that your code is correct; and be well formatted without spelling or grammar errors. Remember that the tutors have access to the above assignment specification, and if your report only contains details from it then you will only receive minimal marks. If you have changed the way the controls work, or added something that may make your program behave unexpectedly then it would be worth making a note of it here. If you can do it in fewer words without compromising the presentation, please do so. Other info You may like to briefly discuss details of events which were relevant to your process of design — strange or interesting things that you noticed and fixed along the way. Reflection Discuss the reasoning behind your decisions, rather than what the decisions were. Irrelevant diagrams, graphs, and charts. We will help you get unstuck by asking questions and pointing you to relevant lecture and lab material. That capital R is important - Linux uses a case-sensitive file system. When available, automatic ligatures should be activated.

An ellipse is defined by the two opposite corners of a bounding box - did you check that it fits perfectly within a rectangle drawn from the same two input points? Again, be specific - did you check that you can draw shapes from left to right?

If you need to use colour, make sure it is absolutely necessary. They are the maximum number of words that your marker will read. STEP is a challenging examination, and is different in style from A-level, although the mathematical content is the same.

Your work has been pushed to GitLab. Further reading An introduction to problem solving can be found here. References do not count to the maximum word limit. This is a limit, not a quota; concise presentation is a virtue. Hints and Partial Solutions:.

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