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Funny at the time.

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Sort of peas-full. Still, the album includes some of their smartest, most intricate arrangements ever. The staffroom is warm.

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The girls smile. It could be a pang of guilt felt bumping into an old pal. The staffroom is warm. Relax into a hessian armchair. I could walk out of here, but I really should stay. That's generally a great idea, with one prominent exception. Playing it cool might be the band's strategy with the album in general, too. I used to love this Scottish poem when I was a school. I have to note, that the buzz of the cosmos was still going while I was eating. Do we really have to bring God into this? I put on Each And Everyone, which was a hit for them in the mid-eighties. I remember reading a review of the group — that they were music for schoolteachers to listen to. But it was quiet when I was eating my peas.

Not so funny on paper. Sneak your headphones on.

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Usually you would find me dancing around my kitchen just with the general quietness of it all. Bless — Ed. Further along the river, when the path opens up into the park, I start to pass the young and the collegiate. It is however going to be simultaneously released on both Vimeo and iTunes. And there is a lot of singing. But I am spoken for and content, so onwards I totter. A fork in your own metaphysical road in which you are aware of the two choices. Anything, but a disturbance! My present moment involves my eating peas quietly with a fork, and pondering my house… I very rarely eat a meal without the radio on, or a film, or a page from Wikipedia open in front of me, or chat from a friend.

Sweet, comforting, affordable, music. And I just wanted to leave that stuff in there because it interested me and to be honest, it was real.

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As a singer in this band, I do have some interesting moments, but I tend to enjoy them, and then move on without writing them down. Two syllables. And I just wanted to leave that stuff in there because it interested me and to be honest, it was real. Onwards, ever onwards toward Mick, the Studio, and Musical Incarceration! And there is a lot of singing. Murdoch describes the film as a Belle and Sebastian album cover come to life. I want to leave the town and walk through the country park by the reservoir. And they really are an ensemble, even now, after a nearly five-year break since The Life Pursuit.
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The Big Takeover: Belle & Sebastian