Like many colleges in the United States, the end of the war led to the fastest enrollment increase in Calvin's history. Explore these featured universities. However that's not all there is to it.

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And we believe a student population rich in diversity in all its forms is a real benefit to our community and makes for a vibrant learning environment. The Theological Seminary was first to move to the new campus since it did not need to be close to the rest of college, building a new academic building and holding classes there starting in Among the notable campus buildings are the Hekman Library, which houses more than 2. At the turn of the millennium, Calvin began several new construction projects. The Campus Safety Department director, William Corner, stated that student officers were not fully qualified for the risk level of some of the incidents they were responding too. Today Calvin College is located on a acre campus, noted for its scenic atmosphere. In September , the college canceled a concert by Canadian indie rock band, The New Pornographers. There are more than majors, minors and programs on offer, with popular choices including business, nursing, education, kinesiology, engineering and psychology. The center specializes in John Calvin and Calvinism. The college and seminary began with seven students, in a rented upper room on Spring Street, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Calvin College has also established 11 study abroad programs, allowing students to study in a different culture for a proportion of their degree course. According to the Washington Post , more than faculty members, alumni, students and friends of the school signed a full-page ad in the Grand Rapids Press , saying that Bush's policies " The lower level of the building features media production and consumption facilities such as the Bytwerk Video Theatre, an audio studio, sound stage , control room, and editing suites for audio and video production.

The college has also offered active shooting training to some staff and students. The enrollment increase led to space limitations at the Franklin Campus. In addition to the biology and chemistry departments, the building houses the West Michigan Regional Lab, a consortium between the college and local hospital, Spectrum Health.

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The center specializes in John Calvin and Calvinism. With many rare items, books, manuscripts, articles and literature, the Meeter Center is the largest collection of Calvin materials in North America.

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