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Sometimes in retrospection, we discover that the cost of an action was perhaps too great. Embracing the freedom and uncertainty of Python, I began coding my newest idea: a game called "Dive.

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Together, we worked through conflicting allegiances, homesickness, and stretched belonging. My mother and my father wept after they closed the shop. This talk was different, however; this was the night when I finally inform my dad of my intention to major in my favorite school topic, the classics.

Here are a few popular application essay topics and some tips for how to approach them: Describe a person you admire. In many cases, the exploration of your thought processes and decision-making is more important than the actual outcome or concept in question.

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These can certainly be fine topics for an essay, but make sure your essay is analyzing your personal growth process, not bragging about an accomplishment.

Tips for writing essays. The girls celebrate their accomplishments and talk about themselves positively, fully expressing their self-esteem. In the summer before my junior year I was offered a scholarship to study abroad in Egypt.

This essay describes the new tasks she undertook, as well as how the writer now more greatly cherishes her time with her mother. As I started high school, everyone thought the crisis was over, but it had really just started to impact my life. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma — anything of personal importance, no matter the scale.

No matter what your subject, serious, uplifting, sentimental or pithy, your essay should aim to entertain.

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Common Application Essays