Compare and contrast customer loyalty and customer satisfaction

While this idea contains a profound truth, it also contains a profound error.

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Customers will stay loyal to companies that provide value. Customer satisfaction is their assessment of how well that value was delivered — that is, did they get the value that they expected to receive?

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The more satisfied a customer is, the higher the chances they will make another purchase in the future. Measure the number of customers whose first purchase came from a referral to see how likely customers are to refer your product. In terms of the buyer decision process, this customer satisfaction assessment occurs in the post-purchase phase. Customer Loyalty on the other hand has two definitions. Why Is Customer Satisfaction Crucial? They receive value from the interaction and want to keep the cycle going. For example, a customer might recommend you to family and friends, but never repurchase again.

Will they rave about you to their Facebook and Twitter followers. If you listen, your customers will tell you themselves. It is often measured using a simple scale from 1 to How many times have you heard that customer satisfaction is the key to a long lasting, successful business?

Your business simply cannot afford to lose customers to your competition. Will they recommend your business to a friend or colleague?

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Many companies discovered less-than-pleasing results when they measured customer satisfaction.

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The Difference Between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty