Democracy and america

One of the most important contributions was the purchase, over a period of about twenty years from toof the quasi-totality of the manuscripts of Gustave de Beaumont. I am far from supposing that they have chosen the only form of government which a democracy may adopt; but the identity of the efficient cause of laws and manners in the two countries is sufficient to account for the immense interest we have in becoming acquainted with its effects in each of them.

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If they were true principles, as they were, the government founded upon them was destined to a life and an influence that would continue while the liberties it was intended to preserve should be valued by the human family. This, however, is what we think of least; launched in the middle of a rapid stream, we obstinately fix our eyes on the ruins which may still be described upon the shore we have left, whilst the current sweeps us along, and drives us backwards towards the gulf.

Mary Mottley died in I; Jefferson's "Notes on Virginia," pp.

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In his introductory chapter, M. If, in polished countries, the lowest of the people are rude and uncivil, it is not merely because they are poor and ignorant, but that, being so, they are in daily contact with rich and enlightened men.

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Democracy in America, Part I. by Alexis de Tocqueville