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In her defense, Whitman was not indifferent to the culture at eBay.

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She spent more of her own money on this effort than any other self-funded political candidate in U. In , she accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award for the community of buyers and sellers that make up eBay. She also discussed lessons she has learned during her career, which has included executive positions at Hasbro and the Walt Disney Co. The platform will specialize in original, short-form content designed for smartphones. She was smart, studious and academically oriented since childhood. I am fully committed to HPE and plan to remain the company's C. When many dotcom businesses crashed in the late s and early s, Whitman steered eBay towards success. She suggests a counterintuitive approach: Find out what's going right first. Whitman ended her talk by fielding questions from students. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. Whitman said, "I came in and I said Pierre has created something incredibly important here that is growing very rapidly and has clearly struck the consumer nerve. When asked who eBay's competitors are, she mentioned, among others, that brick-and-mortar retailers are becoming serious online competitors.

Again, the decision was appropriate, but so many structural changes implemented in so little time was too much for the community to absorb without reaction. But at the same time she outsourced customer service to a location in Utah, far from where the gatekeepers of the eBay culture were to be found.

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One way to correct this problem would be to implement more cross-functional teams internally. Whitman ranked 22nd on Forbes.

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Upper management would formally integrate the opinions and responses of this group on issues ranging from policy to community values into its decision-making processes. At the beginning of the year , Margaret Whitman Whitman , the chief executive CEO of eBay, announced plans to retire so as to breathe fresh life into the company and also provide a much needed radical reinvention of eBay. Whitman met with Omidyar anyway about the CEO position — and concluded he was a visionary. They would allow different departments to address problems and offer valuable input into pending company policies. She then rose through the ranks to achieve the position of senior vice president. Katzenberg and Whitman have sold the idea as a mobile-based Netflix. Whitman ended her talk by fielding questions from students.

Commenting on the community's role, she said, "We provide the marketplace, but it is the users who build the company. She truly succeeded where many had failed. He also used his referent power to give Whitman legitimacy in both her position as CEO and in her consequential actions.

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Whitman met with Omidyar anyway about the CEO position — and concluded he was a visionary.

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Meg Whitman: How We Grew eBay from 30 to 13, Employees