Entrepreneurs of the 1920s

With so many people eager to spend their money, companies were in hot competition with one another.

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She also published her 86th book. Recommended Reading: The Booker T. The economy starts to prosper In the years immediately following the end of the war, the nation experienced something of an economic recession, or temporary decline.

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The long period of hardship and suffering known as the Great Depression had begun see Chapter 9 for more details. In the s none of these existed. The Firestone Company and Ford continued their business relationship for many decades. Were he to unload it quickly, the markets for the notoriously unstable currency could fluctuate dangerously. Of course, factory work was boring and sometimes unpleasant, and there were frequent layoffs and few chances for advancement. But U. But his Napster-like file-sharing company, Scour, got him sued for a quarter of a trillion dollars in , and he filed for bankruptcy. Outside of his company, Harvey Firestone continued his ingenuity and innovative spirit, helping the development of the highway system, and the shipping by truck industry.

The internet upended the legacy-media business, and Huffington was the first to discover how to build a large and successful media company that turned a profit online. Isaac Myers While not necessarily an entrepreneur, Myers was an influential figure in creating one of the first trade unions made up of African-Americans.

Babbitts and Bohemians: The American s. Durant and then by the more modern-thinking Alfred P.

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In the s none of these existed. As previously mentioned, the majority of U. His role as president with the trade union was succeeded by Frederick Douglass.

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The teacher also felt that Edison had an abnormally large head which to him meant that something was wrong with his brain. Thus when President Herbert Hoover, who had served as Secretary of Commerce under both Harding and Coolidge and might be considered an economic expert, took office inhe predicted a prosperous future.

Ford was a curious man interested in everything from watches to steam.

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The suspicion and distrust that many U. Helena Rubinstein Image credit: Wikipedia 4. At that time Firestone had only recently started his own business, where he manufactured rubber tires for buggies and carriages. Today's consumers are accustomed to slick, often entertaining ads on television or in print, but it was in the s that this kind of approach was first practiced. As a combination of inventive genius and entrepreneurial flair, he stands alone. Add a state-of-the-art inventory control system, and Walton was lowering his cost margins well below his direct competitors. William Alexander Leidesdorff, Jr. A gifted animator for an advertising company, Disney began creating his own animated shorts in a studio garage.

Annie Malone One of America's first and most prominent African-American businesswomen, Malone founded and developed Poro College, a commercial and educational business focused on cosmetics for black women.

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The 10 Greatest Entrepreneurs