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What evidence has been used to support this main message? A good place to start is to make a document on your computer just for source material, but divide it into the parts of your essay for example, if you are writing a dissertation, you may wish to include sections such as introduction, background, methodology, literature review, evidence, conclusion and recommendations.

The tests are really good to practice as they have different difficulty levels. As you were carrying out your research, you will have been evaluating the issues and arguments involved.

Is the evidence convincing; are there any counter-arguments? It is a convenient platform as I do not have much time to attend coaching class. You may legitimately get ideas from other sources, but you must place quotation marks around sentences or phrases that are quoted verbatim.

There are two British Standards that outline referencing styles.

essay structure example

In addition to these macro-structures you will probably need to establish a micro-structure relating to the particular elements you need to focus on e. Additional topics. Shorter words are often preferable to longer words, unless there is some specific vocabulary that you need to include to demonstrate your skill.

It is not a mysterious skill that is only available to advanced students; it is something we do everyday when assessing the information around us and making reasoned decisions: for example, whether to believe claims made in TV adverts or by politicians.

I utilised the study plans to practise daily. The hard work remains all yours.

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Writing Materials (Tips, Lessons and Much More )