Fetal pig dissection project

The diaphragm should remain intact, but now the rib cage can be pulled back and pinned to the pan, exposing the thoracic cavity.

Fetal pig dissection pictures

Share through Email Share to Google Classroom A fetal pig is a great choice for dissection because the size of the organs make them easy to find and identify. Urinary Bladder — between the blood vessels in the umbilical cord is the long, flat bladder. We call it VPD. On either side of the umbilical cord you may see mammary papillae, little nipples that will turn into teats in female pigs. A whitish sack attached to the testis is the epididymis, which stores sperm cells. However, when Macromedia Shockwave became available a few years ago, I decided to use Macromedia Director as the basis for the interactive animations. Second, most students report that they use the animation as a review for the exam. Original introduction with modifications : Our simulation of the dissection of the fetal pig was originally designed to provide an alternative exercise for students in our introductory biology course as well as provide review material for students prior to their lab practical exams. It is a thin finger-like organ lying on the stomach and matching it in color. The talents brought to bear on the project has allowed a far more sophisticated and appropriate approach than what I might have done on my own.

More recently, we have switched from a mm camera to a digital camera. Click image for full-size pdf 2.

Fetal pig dissection project

I wish to thank Dr. Only the female has two openings beneath the tail. Now lift up the flaps of skin and peel them back so they lay flat on the pan. This point is marked with an X in the illustration. Using Director and Shockwave allows much more sophisticated and dynamic interaction between simulation and user. In another exercise on the digestive system, students match a series of definitions with the appropriate structures. Keep moving down until you feel the bottom edge of the rib cage; this is where the diaphragm separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity. Abdominal Cavity 1. Essay on motivation, methods, and outlook for the original site: Chapter Go back to the diaphragm area and use a scalpel to cut the wall of the body cavity away from the diaphragm. Determine if your specimen is male or female by looking closely at the umbilical cord area. I use a three-week series of labs on the fetal pig as a supplement to the lecture discussions of whole animal physiology. Use the labeled picture to find the following organs: Click for full-size pdf Lungs — the lungs have multiple lobes and are found on either side of the heart. More recently, we have switched from a mm camera to a digital camera. The demands on my time — to supervise the preparation of high-quality images, the manipulation of the digital images, and the writing of Lingo scripts for Macromedia Director animations — is tremendous.

There may be some connective tissue or membranes attaching the muscles to the underlying organs. Determine if your specimen is male or female by looking closely at the umbilical cord area.

how is the fetal pig dissection important

If your specimen is a male, you will find long brown tubes on either side of the folded-back umbilical cord. Hence, those students who refuse to do the dissection miss a valuable learning experience.

The abdominal cavity is now exposed. For example, in one exercise on anatomical reference terms, students view an image of a pig and apply correct orientation labels.

Body Cavity Incisions 1. This allowed us to upload images directly to our computer. Often, we markedly changed text, enhanced labels and highlights, and changed the order of presentation after viewing our efforts. If you want a more full explanation of why we developed this simulation please read the essay by the original creator and supervisor, below.

Lessons learned First, the students who opt out of the dissection are grateful for the chance to view quality images with matching labels and text.

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Fetal Pig Dissection Pictures