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Start with a compelling opinion or fact. Movie review outline for students is the best way to start writing. Films may be quite long, and you can easily forget major plot points or some other details. Example of a conclusion for a movie analysis Writing a movie analysis requires critical thinking and analysis skills when supporting an articulated argument. This guide is best used to understand prompts or, in the case of more open-ended assignments, consider the different ways to analyze film. Audiovisual elements that can be analyzed include but are not limited to : props and costumes, setting, lighting, camera angles, frames, special effects, choreography, music, color values, depth, placement of characters, etc. The first paragraph provides a summary of the movie giving the reader some basic explanation more so the plot that would be relevant to the discussion of the themes.

Pick a sideand stick with it! What background elements and setting helped to set a particular tone?

film analysis essay outline

What effects are created in a scene, and what is their purpose? You want your thesis to say something surprising and debatable.

You need to get readers hooked immediately.

film analysis outline

Costume design. Try to estimate the script, including dialogues.

film scene analysis template

Take note of all patterns you start noticing as the story unfolds.

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How to Determine Thesis Statement of a Movie Review