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Try cost-saving ideas such as watching movies at home, cooking your own meals regularly and buying clothes from discount stores. But before you give in to the impulse to buy something, take a step back and ask yourself: Will this product make my life easier?

Try using your cell phone as your main phone after rate comparison shopping, and if you must have Internet and cable service, find the lowest-priced deals.

No one advise them in spending their money.

Financial problem of students in the philippines

So, it is all depend on themselves to handle their own finance. If it's your first time creating a budget, ask your parents or an older sibling who has gone through the ropes to assist you. In the digital age, many people are more inclined to buy stuff they don't need. While several studies have attempted to understand the underlying causes of university dropouts, some questions remain. Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education,, 10 2 Findings revealed those male and female students who are more affected by secondary socialization agents are involved in higher level of financial problem. No one advise them in spending their money. As you may know, having a stellar credit history — and, in turn, an excellent credit score — could help you save money as a consumer. Nowadays, we always heard about bank robbery, snatch thefts, loan sharks and others through media. In conclusion, college students nowadays have financial problem during their study.

When they with their family, all their finance were managed by they parents. For majority students, it is the first time they have experienced financial independence without parents supervision. Remember: If it's coming from student loans, it's money you'll need to pay back eventually.

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Some people also struggle to get by while they are studying. They do not really planning the future used of the money which can help them to buy books instead for spending the money in wrong way. T Garman and R.

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So, it is all depend on themselves to handle their own finance. Teo and G. The present study is an effort to enhance the literature by examining the effect of several factors on financial behavior outcomes in a non-Western context, that is, Malaysia. As a result, the loan companies refuse to provide additional help because they believe the parents have the money in their bank accounts. They dont decide carefully when using their money and make wise financial choices. Hira and M. Many teens develop spending habits that become unrealistic when they must support themselves. Their life is a lot harder when the government decides to lower the loan amount too.

Handbook of Consumer Finance Research : Springer. Do you think money is important in our life besides food, shelter and love?

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Common Financial Problems Facing Students Today