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In the article it states, every yearwill exit foster care and will struggle to participate in society.

History of foster care

Though this statement is true, I wish it was not. For example, sometimes parents have to work on using a different way of getting their kids to do what they want them to do; they might work on doing this without hurting their child Kristen Humphrey, Of the , children in foster care nationwide, , were Floridians. These children and adolescents often face many health, behavioral, developmental, and psychological issues. Decisions regarding whether to place children in foster care should be established on a case-by-case basis, thinking the best intentions of the child, and the evidence on the importance of supporting c Studies have noted the inadequate number of siblings in foster care being placed together date back as far as Theis and Goodrich, But in the early s, with the advent of crack cocaine and an economic recession numbers went back up. The review of ten peer-reviewed articles and studies we have come to the conclusion that this is a question that still needs to be research.

When a child is no longer able to receive adequate needed care there are several options that can be given to that child. For the hundreds of thousands of children living in foster care in the United States, this new found freedom brings anxiety and fear.

From the mid s, over-populated government institutions ceased to exist which led to a greater emphasis being placed on extended family and social welfare support CYF, Most people want the best for children in foster care and decide to take care of them until their parents can possibly recover.

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Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for these problems that everyone can do so that everyone's position is improved. It has become an issue for the children who live in such environments due to lack of personal care and attention.

Adoption and foster care is used as a solution to a child not having an adequate home, but because of its many issues, the child is put into an unfavorable position and left with an uncertain future.

The kids really started to open up about their feelings of frustration, loneliness, abandonment, confusion, and many others, these were just a few that were repeated. This is due to a lack of well-trained providers who can deal specifically with loss issues. A background check is mandatory for all foster parents, but a test to see if a child 's temperament matches that caregiver 's parenting style, is not.

She explained, I lived in seven homes -- 4 group homes and three private homes.

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How will they get the medications they may need. We will look at the history of foster care

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