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This includes working class individuals, the elderly, and students, many of whom are price conscious and looking to find a value for their dollar. Kudos to you if the market is relatively small but demand is high!

Market analysis. Not only could it help you get more financial backing, but it will prove to be a useful roadmap as your business grows. It can also help you narrow your strategy and identify clear-cut tactics that will support it.

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Products and services. Why every retailer needs a business plan A well-thought-out retail business plan can offer great leverage when you approach banks for a capital loan.

Competition is very tough with customer service and location key components. In essence, our source of income will be the retailing of a wide range of durable goods and non — durable goods at affordable prices. We intend to tap into the retail market with pricing that will encourage quantity buying, and our pricing will attract consumers on fixed budgets.

How to write your business plan using this free template There are some high-level strategic guidelines beyond the advice included in this free business plan template that can help you write an effective, complete plan while minimizing busywork.

Knowing who will read your plan will help you decide how much time to spend on it.

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Financial plan. Be an active member of the community.

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Since retail, as you may know, has one of the highest employee turnover rates of all industries.

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Business Plan Template: A Framework to Write Your Business Plan