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This cleaned graphene surface demonstrated low surface friction and improved contact with the metal electrodes, which is desirable for coating and electronic applications. In more details, this dissertation revealed that, with suitable pore size, the filtration membrane substrate would leave its physical imprint on the bottom surface of the rGO membrane in the form of surface microstructures, which result in asymmetric dynamic water wettability properties of the two surfaces of the rGO membrane.

Oxygen on the catalytic copper surface was found to play an important role in graphene nucleation and growth during the chemical vapor deposition CVD. Graphene, a 2D monolayer of graphite, with its excellent thermal, electronic and mechanical features, has been considered a promising support material for next generation metal-graphene nanocatalysts.

This material exhibits unconventional electronic and optical properties, intriguing many research groups across the world including us.

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The relevant kinetic mechanism is sampled at various surface sites on clusters bound at support defects and on unsupported clusters. Show full item record Abstract Graphene, a single layer of sp2 hybridized carbon atoms, was first isolated from graphite in In this thesis, relying on theoretical models and numerical simulations, we show that by designing and manipulating spatially inhomogeneous, nonuniform conductivity patterns across a flake of graphene, one can have this material as a one-atom-thick platform for infrared metamaterials and transformation optical devices. Doctoral Dissertations. In the latter process, poly methyl methacrylate PMMA is usually used as an electron-beam resist. The influence of PMMA residues on graphene properties was studied and a method to remove these residues from graphene surface was developed. Based on these results, further research was explored to control the tribological properties of graphene by systematically changing the nanoscale roughness and surface chemistry to increase graphene adhesion to the substrate for better friction modification.

Nader Engheta Abstract Metamaterials and transformation optics have received considerable attention in the recent years, as they have found an immense role in many areas of optical science and engineering by offering schemes to control electromagnetic fields.

Mechanical Engineering Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Abstract Carbon materials are predominantly used as catalytic supports due to their high surface area, excellent electrical conductivity, resistance to corrosion and structural stability.

In addition, the nanoscale roughness of surfaces leads to high pressures and shear forces at asperity-asperity contacts, ultimately leading to device failure.

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Doctoral Dissertations. Control of the surface oxygen enables repeatable growth of single-crystal graphene, the quality of which is among the best of reported for CVD graphene. This work presents several numerical examples demonstrating these functions.

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Graphene and its use in flexible electronics