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But for those who like earlier 70's prog - I cannot recommend this CD. Gypsy's second album entitled "In the Garden" was released inalso on Metromedia Records. Again, the songs here had the classic "Gypsy sound", but no singles were released from this album.

A CD of new material was released in Yesterday — Today — Tomorrow which brought them right back with great new songs, catchy melodies, classic Gypsy harmonies, precision keyboard and instrumental work, an air-tight horn section, and dynamic percussion work!

Dennis, and Dave, went to school together. But the band persevered! Dennis and Daniel had both been members of "Deuce Deuce"September The complete Gypsy story is told in unabashed fashion, with a great Gypsy sound track — new and old songs - accompanying the historic footage filmed around the country.

With play-dates in St Louis as well as around the Twin Cities, they garnered the support and enthusiasm of both a new, and their old nucleus of fans. To this day, this album is a favorite among the group's fans!

In September Dennis suffered a serious accident on the very motorcycle pictured on the front of his CD cover,and was not able to take them to the studio, but decided to release the CD on CD Baby anyway,as it was thought he would never play an instrument again.

He started his career singing in bands, in Worcester, in the UK. See French " n " Key, Green Reeds. It did result in air play on radio stations across the country and in some areas a few songs broke into the bottom of the charts. The original vinyl was on one of those 'flexable' albums that RCA put out for a while.

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