How to write a bankruptcy letter to creditors

Loss of income resulting from related court appearances may also be recoverable.

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Notification of Priority Debts When it comes to debts there will be some seen as priority and some as non priority.

Read through the warning in the yellow section above as there are some things if mentioned in writing could trigger acceptance of the debt or extension of the time period they are allowed to legally pursue you for payment.

By LaToya Irby Updated June 25, When you have a complaint or dispute with a creditor, lender, credit bureau, or debt collector, it's best to communicate in writing. If it was discharged, and the creditor is acting in violation of the discharge injunction, your attorney will contact the creditor, either formally or informally, to demand that the creditor stop the collection activity.

Keep it original The purpose of a hardship letter is to convey a sense of sincerity, honesty, and commitment to your lender. Continue Reading. This means that the creditor whose debt has been discharged can no longer take action to collect that debt.

letter to creditors unable to pay

It was an injunction that prohibited your creditors from taking any action to collect your debts while you were in bankruptcy. Remember to follow up once the letter has been sent by phone or in person. Many disputes are time sensitive and a letter, especially when sent via certified mail with a return receipt request, gives you a timestamp to track the business' response time.

Find a hardship letter template to use as a baseline for your own letter. You can make an offer over the phone, but a signed letter from the creditor or collector is solid proof that an agreement was made.

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Sample letters to creditors