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These firsthand accounts provide deeper insight into what, in some history books, is just a listing of factual information. He uses translations of the original texts liberally to illustrate his contentions, thereby providing a balanced, well-documented work whose thesis could be arrived at by others through the use of the texts supplied.

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how to write a book review pdf software

Which parts of the work particular arguments, descriptions, chapters, etc. Such an omission might be expected, but the book's title does promise to include Central America and the expectation is that Bolland would venture beyond the confines of the only English-speaking country in the region.

Some of the areas explored include the development of aerial photography, air-to-ground communication with early wireless radio equipment, and airmail expansion beyond the United States.

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The appendices conclude with a listing of aviation firsts and space flights, as well as a copy of the Wright U. Do you have any suggestions for the direction of future research in the area? How well does the work maintain its stated or implied focus? Starting with the first unmanned hot air balloon flight in through the announcement of the X Prize that will be awarded to the first non-government sponsored manned spacecraft, the author shows the detailed progression of international aviation and aerospace technology. Is the article a documentary, a write-up of primary research, a position paper, etc.? Overall, a detailed story of the advancement of aviation is shown in readable and entertaining style. Can you justify the use of this work in a particular course? His work is ambitious in that it seeks to explain some of the most intangible elements of the human existence using only sources provided by the conquerors of the Aztecs and the remaining poems of the conquered people.

The tone of the book reflects a learned appreciation for the marvel of aviation as illustrated by a quote from the aviation-related novel Rasselas by Samuel Johnson, which explains flight in this fashion: "So fishes have water, in which yet beasts can swim by nature, and men by art.

Is this evidence convincing, controversial, factual, one-sided, etc.?

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Bolland's dialectical analysis of Creole society would be put to test if the antagonisms he identifies were examined in the context of an Hispanic environment. While the chapters create neatly parceled packages, certain areas seem forced to conform to the ten-chapter plan.

Alternatively, you can summarize and evaluate the major points you have chosen from the book in a point-by-point schema. Bolland's approach is valid because his starting point is on the shores of Western Caribbean and, as a result, he is in a position to take the reader to the places where Hispanic America and the British Caribbean meet.

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Here are two options: First, summarize, in a series of paragraphs, those major points from the book that you plan to discuss; incorporating each major point into a topic sentence for a paragraph is an effective organizational strategy. They contemplated the heavens and the earth seeking knowledge. Be sure to read your assignment thoroughly before you read the article or book. How do these relate to one another? Some of the wise men declared that since higher truth cannot be found, one must live life to the fullest and enjoy the time one has one earth. Struggles for Freedomis divided into four parts that reflect Bolland's interest in the social construction and the history of Caribbean society. The construction of the book meshes well with its organization and lends itself successfully to the study of different time periods in history. The first section establishes the author's approach to the region's history by examining the concept of Creole society as it is understood in the West Indies. Keeping these guidelines in mind as you read the article or book can really help you write your paper! What background information is relevant to the entire book and should be placed here rather than in a body paragraph? How well does the work maintain its stated or implied focus? Where does the author do a good job of conveying factual material as well as personal perspective? The orderliness of the book conforms to an academic curriculum. Though better than other publications that look across the Caribbean to Latin America, or that look at the region's Atlantic coast from the Hispanic highlands, Struggles for Freedom is often as frustrating because it does not see the Western Caribbean as a transcultural region where notions of Creole society can be challenged. But their studies produced questions as to the meaning of life and the universe.
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