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There are many lessons worth learning from this event. Most of us have been through many hurricanes, like this learner has when lived in Miami, Fla for over 30 years, and the last hurricane she experience was hurricane Andrew. Depending on where people lived, determined their chances for survival Who was to be blamed for the failure in emergence management response and preparation, no one seemed to know or understand. Hurricane Katrina was another event that reflected on crisis management and government reactions to a devastating storm. Some of us were in tears. The media brought into our homes graphic images of the destruction of New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina was a huge devastation to the country, but many survivors say they did not get adequate supplies. A day later the storm strengthened and was named Tropical storm Katrina. In doing so, these areas were considered major disaster areas that the federal government would concentrate most of its resources. Michael Brown, director of FEMA, was incapable of leading a large government agency through a crisis of such magnitude as Hurricane Katrina. Two particular attacks that happened during the millennial lifetime were September 11, and Hurricane Katrina. Although the question remains who is to receive the blame — for the deaths and failures of appropriated emergency response and aid, I believe to place the blame on one party over another is dismissive due to sundry factors requiring attention. The donations coming in were donated to over charitable organizations and this made the funds easily assessable to the victims who needed them Rather, it dedicates the book to a man named Thomas Coleman who met his demise in his attic with a can of juice and the comforts of a bedspread at his side.

It is not a narrative, it does not feature a clear conclusion, and there is not a distinct beginning, middle, or end The research methods use to carry out this analysis will include both statistical data from scholarly sources as well as participant observation to support the claim that natural disasters are one of the many factors that contribute to the cycle of destruction of impoverished areas On August 27th,more than a day before Katrina made its way to New Orleans, President Bush, at the request of Louisiana state Governor Kathleen declared a state of emergency to both Louisiana and Mississippi.

This caused over four fifths of metropolitan New Orleans to be flooded. According to History. This event caused a great deal of damage to New Orleans particularly, along with Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Experts say that Hurricane Katrina was the most destructive natural disaster in U.

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Katrina was the largest and third strongest hurricane to make landfall in the United States barreling in as a Category 5 with up to mile-per-hour winds and a ft storm surge that would create a humanitarian emergency with the likes never before seen in the United States.

The mighty category 5 hurricane left thousands of Louisiana residents without food, water and shelter. This storm was a strong category three when it hit New Orleans.

There were many more warnings for the city of New Orleans to upgrade the levee systems.

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Hurricanes are a vital motive in nature. In New Orleans, and several other states, a devastating hurricane struck. New Orleans stood out to me because it my favorite city in the United States that I have visited due to its rich culture and history going back to the slavery days being the main import location. With New Orleans being impacted so severely, many scientists and media outlets dove into researching how this disaster had seemingly overpassed all security measures against hurricanes such as this. Absolutely anyone who tuned their television to the news coverage during and after Katrina had to be stunned by the images which made these issues irrefutable. His claims are based off of what happened in New Orleans after the storm The outcome of either could be devastating and have an impact of many lives for a period of time with clean ups, rebuilding, or loss of people. Both hurricanes were Category four, with winds that soared up to miles per hour, and engendered intense flooding in the regions they hit. Frequently, hurricanes occur during the months of summer.

With this Hurricane having its path directly on a city only being on average feet below sea level, it created conditions for serious havoc NOAA,

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Hurricane Katrina Essay