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It is involved in programming innate and learned knowledge — all kinds of learning, academic or otherwise including therapy, conditioning and indoctrination — and also when we daydream and solve problems. The addition of hypnosis to CBT helps the patient in several aspects of therapy, such as the preparation for in-vivo exposure, imagery exposure, developing coping skills, and cognitive restructuring [ 616 - 18 ].

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Thus, in addition to providing no results on the drop-outs, the benefits of randomization cannot be assumed in this study. The hypnotist can help the person focus on getting past their phobias and suggest ways to remain relaxed when in feared environments. In addition, a control group who received general anaesthesia was added. At the end of treatment, both experimental groups experienced a significant reduction in their anxiety, whereas the control group saw minor changes in their anxiety levels. Once a person is in that trance state, therapists can make powerful, positive psychological interventions, such as offering metaphors, embedding empowering suggestions, giving direct instructions and by guiding rehearsal of desired new behaviours in imagination, such as successful public speaking or driving confidently. During the final months and days of the life, pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, dependency and feeling, unwell are the most prevalent symptoms. As I have described, it is an artificial means of accessing the REM state, which can even be done violently by capturing attention with a sudden loud noise or startling movement. A mix of results was evinced in the three studies that compared hypnosis to an active treatment and a control group.

Improvements in overall well-being, quality of life, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, and bloating have been noted. Watch the video Hypnosis has been shown to be an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome IBS in a number of clinical studies.

As stated in the introduction, it may be important to provide suggestions that address not only pain, but other factors that can affect quality of life. So we must keep it sharp by improving our understanding of what we are doing, developing our skills and staying alert and focused when activating the REM state in our clients, otherwise we can harm the very people we want to help.

During this time, psychiatrists were faced with a new disease, called shell shock or war fatigue, and used hypnosis as a way to relieve the symptoms [ 21 ].

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Hypnosis for IBS