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P1 R 9, 2k — 4 are collinear. In the yearthe calculate the price of the cooking oil in the year M price of the house went up to RM State 2 Form the quadratic equation that has the a the image of 8, P1 roots —2 and 1 1.

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Try: Questions 1—2, Self Assess If not, you will lose marks. Hence, b Given that the price of the electronic equipment composite index is used to in the year was RM, calculate its price determine its selling price.

Calculate the price index of the house for the 4 year based on the year Calculate the composite a the common ratio,index of the costs of the components b the first termfor the year based on the year of the progression.

The probabilities of Azhar, b X is a continuous random variable Bo on an d Chandran scoring a strike are —54which is normally distributed with a —12 and —32 respectively.

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Calculate the corresponding total monthly expenses for theThe following table shows the prices in the years year Find a the smallest angle, [5 marks] b the sum of the last four biggest angles. Circular Measure3 The mean and variance of a set of scores 1 The following diagram shows a circle with centre O and a radius of 6 cm. Find the such that they must begin with a vowel number of yellow cards that need to be and end with a consonant. The factory has at chosen loaf of bread has a mass of most assembling hours per week. The above diagram shows a 2bar chart that indicatesthe weekly expenses of the items A, B, C, D and E for c The total monthly expenses of the items in thethe year of a family. Fin2d4 the price index of the cleanser for the year based on the year M is the midpoint of BC.

Answer more questions than is required will not earn any additional marks. The straight line 3.

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Calculate the probability of obtaining a card with a vowel and the other card with a consonant.

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Chapter 11 index number