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Employee retention techniques

For example, FedEx conducts periodic employee attitude surveys. But it might also be a good idea to hold regular, perhaps annual, stay interviews with your top talent, and even your solid performers. Then they need to work with each employee to address working issues that could impact retention. Thus, creating a workplace environment more conducive for overcoming challenges and obstacles. What you really need is segmented turnover data. Employees, from senior executives to junior members of a team working on a project, can be given the power to define and embrace their own reasons for staying and contributing. This historical data contains a wealth of information relevant to predicting employee turnover. Low unemployment is not confined to the U. They include: A poor relationship between the employee and their direct manager A lack of opportunity for growth and development A lack of challenging and meaningful work What's important to realize though is that every employee is different. In contrast, employers ranked the top five reasons employees left as promotion, career development, pay, relationship with supervisor, and work—life balance.

This demographic of workers stays with a given company for an average of These companies offer employees competitive wages and benefits along with financial incentives like bonuses and stock options.

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Other reasons employees voluntarily leave include unfairness, not having their voices heard, and a lack of recognition. Intensified competition, restructuring, the shifting power relationship between senior management and shareholders, and accelerating technological change all contributed to the transformation of the employment culture; where a mutual lifetime commitment had been the norm, there emerged a largely contingent arrangement between employers and employees.

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Too much turnover will undermine the ability of a team, or a company, to interact with the demands of the marketplace. Practical considerations also affect turnover.

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It is important to assess the risks that often go hand-in-hand with turnover.

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Employee Retention: Combating Turnover