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In this regard, pricing of the tablet devises seems to be the most important factor defining the success of any foreign company in the Indian market. It strengthens user trueness Apple has a stigmatization scheme that focuses on the emotions. The company is utilizing the iPod ecosystem to leverage the iPhone thereby supporting its online music revenue system. Apple has historically been troubled by big-box sales staffers, who are ill-informed about its products, a problem that made it difficult for Apple to set its very different products apart from the rest of the computing crowd. The study also highlights the dynamics of the Indian market that have eluded Apple in spite of its immense success in other markets around the world. Samsung seems to have augured well with the Indian consumers in terms of launching its new products and carrying out a strong marketing strategy that Apple has not been able to emulate. Despite the popularity of Apple around the world as a leader in innovation and creativity of its technology devises, the company has not been successful in the Indian market.

The model is used in different markets including the United States, but it has not been successful in the Indian market.

On the other hand, Apple was targeting the high-end consumers. Additionally, Apple invests heavily in marketing through retail stores by building the supply chains across the world. Some markets, like the North American and the European markets, have been dominated by only a few companies since the production of tablets had begun Apple Inc.

Despite of the huge success in the international markets, the company faces many challenges in the expansive and lucrative Indian market due to the differences in approaches that competitors are using in this particular market.

Marketing has the ability to have your product praised upon or crushed by consumers, and what determines that is a marketing plan.

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Unlike in other international markets where the company operates its retail stores, the local regulations in India have made it difficult for Apple to sell its tablets efficiently. Pricing simply involves the practice of adjusting the price of a commodity or a product to attract the favourable perceptions from the consumers. The company should understand the social forces and use it to target the customers. Gradual innovative methods can be adopted by the firm to convert the weakness into strength apart from best use of financial resources. Brand recognition- is when the consumers have good cognition of trade name when they are asked inquiries related to a specific trade name and they are able to distinguish a trade name on the footing of holding noticed or heard about earlier. The company is spending lot of money on all the channels of promotional mix, however the company should give more emphasis on website advertising to reduce the costs. This strategy has allowed them to be the frontrunners in new product introductions and the improvement of existing products. We are constantly focusing on innovating. So a good product has adopted a bad strategy. The objectives of marketing plans are determined …show more content… One must first decide on a place where to introduce the product, and then, according to the location, the price of the product should fall in place. The first area of focus is the marketing strategies and systems used by companies to sell their products on the Indian market. Blue Eagle Group.

However, a price remains the main challenge for the selling of tablets to consumers in the country. Apple uses several promotional tools to promote the products such as Apple shops, internet sales or advertising, print and TV advertising, etc.

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Unlike in other international markets where the company operates its retail stores, the local regulations in India have made it difficult for Apple to sell its tablets efficiently.

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They have to do similar during their launch or other high populated countries. Consumer Satisfaction survey Tews, Related. Apple believes in value, not pricing therefore they see no need to lower their prices to compete with other leading companies.

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