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Soon, however, SLA research tried to detach itself from language teaching, partly to fit in with its bases in university linguistics departments. The starting point is deciding which journals are relevant to your topic and who reads them — pure researchers, language teachers, informed general public, etc.

So never regard these stages as finished and done — you will want to go back to them time and again. Marrero and Pineda investigated the articles sent to the second international conference of clinical linguistics held in The product of Stage 1 Getting started is then possible research questions specific to your topic.

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Each of these methods yields evidence to answer different kinds of research question. To some, however, second language acquisition is no more relevant to Applied Linguistics than say first language acquisition. The mentioned areas of clinical linguistic activities only cover one aspect of the definition using linguistics in disorders ; the other aspect of the studies is using clinical data to accept or reject linguistic hypotheses.

However, it is important to mention that the differences between the first and the second language do not always cause difficulties in second language learning. One year later, this collection was published in the national library of Iran

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