Maturity and motivation affect readiness learn and educato

educational implications of maturation

Many self-directed adult learners prefer a learning community with whom they can interact and discuss questions and issues. Along with readiness a strong willpower is also essential to overcome hurdles and problems.

For example, a child of 6 months cannot learn to ride a bicycle even after vigorous training, because it requires muscular or physical maturity. The participants showed that they could learn functional role of semantic radicals. Knowledge of results as feedback: It is essential to know the amount of material grasped, so that changes may be made in process of learning.

Introductions and background discussions are a couple of tools that can be used to help create an inviting atmosphere. Factors Related to Learning Process! Different levels of work 3. General health condition of the learner: The general health includes the physical and mental health of the learner.

In AD If you set 16 preschoolers free in a room of random toys they are bound to have issues related to Other Popular Essays. Analogue operation embodies a simplistic usage system and therefore can result in blurred television images or How to Learn How to Play Dominoes words - 4 pages How to Learn How to Play Dominoes Ask your dad if he wants to play dominoes.

Seven processes 2. This is why I usually spent hours every Sunday evening in my classroom. By appealing to the unique qualities of adult learners, we can design more effective and motivating online courses.

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2 Factors That Influence Learning