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If you want to see twentieth century art the Tate would be at the top of your list of places to visit, whereas if you wanted to look at examples of technology you would probably go to the Science Museum.

Stanley, Mary Ellen. The dissertation presents an analysis of these differences and the reasons for them.

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The aim of this dissertation is to prove that it is both possible and desirable to attempt to represent all of London's ethnic communities in museums. Many people refrain from visiting museums and sites.

This so called 'reburial issue' emerged firstly in the USA and Australia and has now extended to other indigenous peoples all over the world.

The Statutes have attempted a balance been the supply of human tissue for study, and the decent treatment of the body. Based on above findings and understanding, the researcher proposes short-term and long-term plans of management and interpretation for the two sites respectively. This seems quite remarkable to me. Master's in Museum Studies Program - extension. Emphasis will be placed on the interaction between the living collection and the staff members directly responsible for their care. It also offers two experiential displays which one would expect to see in a 'heritage' establishment, it is increasingly emphasising the social history of conflict, and it collects a vast amount of historical film footage. Roop, Bradley C. Photographic collections kept in museums Photography throughout its history was met with opposition as to its social uses and aesthetics, and there was an open controversy as to its status as an art form. Current definitions of research are overly broad or focus on academic outputs that do not reflect current museum practice. Where heritage, museum and gallery collide: Looking at the Imperial War Museum Louise Oakham Caroline Wilkes The archaeological resource management of the Shuiwaku site and the Tamalin site in Puli Basin, Central Taiwan The thesis aims to examine the concept and the practice of the archaeological resource management in Taiwan. They respond to and shape current moral, political, social, The Austins, Bryans, Recent Submissions Barnum, Krista Michelle, ; Humankind has collected materials and remains for centuries as a way to depict social status, educate, and fascinate.

However, as traditional collections age and historical research methods are replaced with new research MA students study the same modules plus one of our credit dissertation Master's in Museum Studies Program - extension.

Great attention is needed especially to the interpretation of historic sites because of their fragile nature.

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