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During this time of its construction all evidence shows us that Stonehenge was more than likely being used as a cremation site.

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Neolithic art was primarily composed of pottery and architecture. Looking down at the tower at Jericho photo: Reinhard Dietrich , public domain Old walls The site of Jericho rises above the wide plain of the Jordan Valley, its height the result of layer upon layer of human habitation, a formation called a Tell. As times changed and men and women gained abilities to control more of what they could do, there was a huge shift in power. In this period there is some strong evidence for cult or religious belief at Jericho. The excavator believes this selection in art and cuisine had to do with the contemporary era of increased domestication of animals and what is being celebrated are the animals which are part of the memory of the recent cultural past, when hunting was much more important for survival. In the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, particularly in the areas near Lake Tai, where the stone occurs naturally, jade was worked extensively, especially during the last Neolithic phase, the Liangzhu, which flourished in the second half of the third millennium B. While we continue to excavate and research these sites, will we find that the humans of Neolithic times were smarter or as smart than we are today? The earlier arts of statuary, painting, and pottery stuck and still remain with us. High rise buildings, homes and structures are built, they are aesthetically enticing to the eyes and pleasing to the clients and clientele. Sometime around BC the first stage of construction began, many experts argue the different times of when Stonehenge was constructed Historykings, The expansion of larger society and the development of farming provided more secure for the economic at that time

Most of their works inspires architects to improve their creations aesthetically. This is when what we see today was added to this monument. It was due to isolation and minimal changes to the landscape that a village that was created between and BC is one of the best preserved villages in northern Europe today.

Wikipedia, Stonehenge. The extraordinarily fine lines of the incised decoration and the high gloss of the polished surfaces were technical feats requiring the highest level of skill and patience.

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Although people had begun to raise animals of their own, hunting still played a major part in human life. Of these three sites we have learned a lot about our past. While some pottery items made in the east were painted possibly in response to examples imported from central China , potters along the coast also used the techniques of burnishing and incising. Neolithic people created wooden figurines of people and animals along with pottery decorated with triangles, spirals, wavy lines, and other geometric forms on its rough or polished surfaces. Jericho Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology A natural oasis The site of Jericho, just north of the Dead Sea and due west of the Jordan River, is one of the oldest continuously lived-in cities in the world. It began to be used for ornamentation. Archaeologists discovered one uniquely large building dating to the period with unique series of plastered interior pits and basins as well as domed adjoining structures and it is thought this was for ceremonial use. Berkeley: University of California Press, Hunter—gatherers also did not have to work as hard for their food One of these benefits were that, you would be able to make a lot of crops without having to do as much work, compared to a hunter gatherer who, would go to the wild to find their food. Additionally, sculpture was no longer created strictly by carving.
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Neolithic Art and Architecture Paper