Nestle social media crisis and solution

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Lead them from the path of anger to a path of passionate, constructive discussion. Expect attacks and crises to come, and be ready to act. This is important. Nestle claimed the video violated their trademark. Especially because the social media team was still maintaining the original idea and criticism raged. Plant that seed, prove that with trust and good will, good things can happen, and build on that proof of concept. Your statement should also include apologies and clear information that you take full responsibility for a crisis. Why is it so important? Or of their marketing and communication strategy. Provide answers to all questions and doubts. Typically, brands have a good digital crisis management plan. And going through it again and again and again, until something finally gives.

When the largest wave of outrage comes, you should not write volubly about the situation. In the case of Nestle, this would mean inviting Greenpeace and key environmental action think tanks to work with senior Nestle supply chain execs on finding realistic alternatives to current methods of production.

Not all of it, but a good amount of it. The issue exceeded the crisis in social networks and came to the political debate. Mar 19— Nestle Hi everyone — We do care and will continue to pressure our suppliers to eliminate any sources of palm oil which are related to rainforest destruction.

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Overlooked cultural factors. In fact, even today different blogs and Facebook pages that speak badly about the brand for that situation are still open. They relate to people.

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Nestle social media crisis and solution

The vast majority of news is about unfortunate accidents and scare stories. Very good things can come of it if you follow that path.

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If someone claims something about your company or products that is inaccurate, politely respond to their comment with a link to factual information that will help them reconsider their position.

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Lessons Learned from the Nestlé Social Media Crisis : Breakthrough Communications