Organization design fashion or fit

In turn, centralized control makes the simple structure ideal for rapid, flexible innovation, at least of the simple kind. Training and indoctrination refer to the use of formal instructional programs to establish and standardize in people the requisite skills, knowledge, and norms to do particular jobs.

Remember that these are configurations of situation as well as structure. The Innovative Organization "Adhocracy" The structures discussed so far are best suited to traditional organizations.

They never get a chance to grow old and large. Or it can maintain internal consistency at the expense of a gradually worsening fit with its environment, at least until the fit becomes so bad that it must undergo sudden structural redesign to achieve a new internally consistent configuration.

lunenburg organisational structure

As can be seen in Exhibit 2, above the operating core we find a unique structure. This is not a structure to innovate but one to perfect what is already known. In fact, machine bureaucracies fit most naturally with mass production, where the products, processes, and distribution systems are usually rationalized and thus easy to comprehend.

The technical system of the organization influences especially the operating core and those staff units most clearly associated with it. That is the structure that works best in the divisions.

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Mintzberg's Organizational Configurations