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Successful strategists seek to capitalize on what a company does best its expertise, resource strengths, and strongest competitive capabilities.

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However, in markets such as European and American where Pakistan exports its textile products, brand loyalty is a hurdle in establishing customer base. The main purpose of the textile city is to provide the textile industry with the world class infrastructure to meet the global competitiveness and challenges and as to provide value added textile industrial zone.

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We aim to use state of the art technology and best workforce available to ensure the concern for our service to our clients, employees and effective use of the natural resource available.

Is the buyer aware of the need for additional information?

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Customer Loyalty: Considering the customers in Pakistan and dress patterns, there is not much brand loyalty. Is serviceable used equipment expensive? People buy Gul Ahmed product for what it represents and the status symbol that comes along with it. The products offered there are not being sold anywhere else. Without any established client portfolio, it is difficult to endure increased costs in creating sample collections to show potential customers. In this context national governments of leading textile countries are constantly intervening playing a relevant role in determining the overall competitiveness of their commodity textile industry through various kinds of incentives. This leads to great possibilities for textile manufacturers to scout the supplier group for best terms and prices for production. Strategic management is a tightly knit process; the boundaries between the five tasks are conceptual, not fences that prevent some or all of them being done together. Pakistani textile industry has about 50 large and small garment manufacturing units. Are there any proprietary product differences in your industry?

What makes the latter better is the value added and subsequent increase in per unit price. He said yarn prices increased because of shortage of cotton in the world market and our yarn export went unnecessarily high, first local demand should be met.

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The industry has a total of units engaged in ginning and units engaged in spinning. Your customers businesses are profitable.

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Building a strategy-supportive corporate culture is important to successful strategy execution because it produces a work climate and organizational esprit de corps that thrive on meeting performance targets and being part of a winning effort. Fashion life cycle Fashion changes day by day these days. So, taking the clothing line specifically, the items that are being sold at Ideas are also being sold at other shops so there is no exclusive distribution for Ideas. Facilitation for and creativity. Gul Ahmed is headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan. They are not allowing Pakistan to avail this tariff discount package. The winning formula now is much more based on internal competences and performance than on protected political and trade policies. China and India are much cheaper in labour, raw material and utilities as compared with Pakistan. Also, asper IMF program Pakistan is bound to increase its tax structure and utility expenses which will further aggravate the situation. The industry has a production capacity of million units of garments, million units of knitwear and 53 million kgs of towels. Manufacturers provide products in bulk and on fixed price to their retail outlets, whole sellers etc. Risk of Retaliation: In addition to these potential barriers of entrance, new entrants may have second thoughts about entering the new market, if existing manufacturers may retaliate on new entrants. Especially in the clothing line their quality is considered to be superior to their competitors.
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