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Intervention in School and Clinic, 44 4 , Where Does Handwriting Fit In? Recent research suggests consistent practice which provides students with opportunities to develop emerging skills is most beneficial for developing handwriting fluency Cahill, ; Schlagal, The role of mechanics in composing of elementary school students: A new methodological approach. Teaching handwriting Even though some students seem to handwrite effortlessly, most students require explicit teaching. Most offer interactive family literacy programs. Turn them into a book, animation, or slide show with an app. The Victorian English Curriculum specifically addresses the development of both skills. Talk about words children notice. Books, books, books. Students practise each letter until they became proficient through a variety of methods e. Handwriting, keyboarding or both?

In Steve Graham, Charles A. Teacher explanations on how to form letters and words must accompany the modelling. However, it is not just being read to that matters.

Books, books, books.

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Letter names and their sounds serve as a memory cue and assist the retrieval of the motor-program required to successfully write a given letter Graham, Definitions vary according to culture, personal values and theories.

For example, prompt them to describe something they have done, seen, read or heard about.

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Children will engage with various texts and the purposes they have in their lives. Children can meaningfully engage with and create texts and see the place these texts have in their lives. For the Victorian modern cursive handwriting script, this means letters can be taught in the following groups: anticlockwise letters a, c, d, g, q, e, o, f, s clockwise letters m, n, r, x, z, h, k, p the i family letters i. Talk about their experiences. These stories can be revisited to reinforce learning of words, story structure and grammar. Handwriting, keyboarding or both? Students who have difficulty with handwriting spend most of their energy directed towards the motor process rather than thinking creatively or developing their ideas. Literacy should be engaging for your children, not a chore. In conjunction with learning to handwrite is the expectation that all students will learn how to create texts using software programs.

A timed post-test undertaken after the intervention to show improvement in automaticity and length. Children will see the transformation of their spoken words into written words.

Handwriting, keyboarding or both? From the analysis of the pre-test, specific, individualised learning is targeted for students including letters each student is having difficulty with.

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Talk about their experiences.

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