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We sought to follow the approach recommended by Pawson, but we acknowledge that we were not always able to do so.

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Further research might compare, for example, training with peer-influencing strategies in engendering PI commitment. In previous versions of the MEPDG and the current version of DARWin-ME, no guidance is pro- vided for taking the results from repeated-load plastic deformation tests and entering mixture-specific values in the software.

Where appropriate, state not only what you will study, but what is excluded from the study.

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A final relatively narrow but important question that we identified after data collection had finished is: what is the impact of the long periods of relative non-involvement following initial periods of more intense involvement for research partners in some types of research, particularly clinical trials?

Assess what you believe is missing and state how previous research has failed to adequately examine the issue that your study addresses. What methods should be used to analyze the research problem? In addition, repeated- load confined, triaxial tests are proposed for use with the Kaloush and modified Leahy transfer functions.

Limitations and recommendations for future research

This item is considered a significant benefit over current triaxial tests in terms of measuring the in-place properties from cores for warm-mix asphalt, high RAP content, and modified HMA mixtures. Start a new page and use the heading "References" or "Bibliography" centered at the top of the page. Since a literature review is information dense, it is crucial that this section is intelligently structured to enable a reader to grasp the key arguments underpinning your study in relation to that of other researchers. So, here in your plan you need to lay out your predictions for the proposal and how it will benefit your audience. Information for Students: Writing a Research Proposal. Which approaches, findings, methodologies seem most reliable, valid, or appropriate, and why? Any one of the transfer functions can provide an acceptable simulation in terms of accuracy and precision of the measured rut depths over a diverse range of dense-graded mixtures and pavement structures. The transfer functions that include a stress term as an independent variable correctly accounted for the thick- ness effect on rut depth for some structures, but not all refer to Figures 97 and This might require a brief screening exercise of a larger group of PIs on their attitudes to and experience of public involvement.

In terms of the initial objectives, we successfully recruited the sample of eight diverse case studies and collected and analysed data from them objective 1. Don't just describe what you intend to achieve from applying the methods you choose, but state how you will spend your time while applying these methods [e.

The purpose is to reflect upon gaps or understudied areas of the current literature and describe how your proposed research contributes to a new understanding of the research problem should the study be implemented as designed.

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More importantly, repeated-load plastic deformation tests in sup- port of the transfer functions to determine the values for the plastic strain coefficients were found to be cost effective. In a standard research proposal, this section can take two forms, so consult with your professor about which one is preferred. At a minimum, it is proposed that the WesTrack and repeated- load constant-height shear tests be included in the program, along with the Kaloush transfer function, for the reasons noted in Section 4. Contrast the various arguments, themes, methodologies, approaches, and controversies expressed in the literature: what are the major areas of disagreement, controversy, or debate? Research proposals contain extensive literature reviews. On reflection this is not surprising. Consider not only methods that other researchers have used but methods of data gathering that have not been used but perhaps could be. Even to track involvement over a stage of a case study research project proved difficult, as the research usually did not fall into neatly staged time periods and one study had no involvement activity over the study period. Conclusion The conclusion reiterates the importance or significance of your proposal and provides a brief summary of the entire study. Think about what questions other researchers have asked, what methods they have used, and what is your understanding of their findings and, where stated, their recommendations.
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