Sharing my gifts with the world

how to use your talents to help others

If only I could bring some joy onto this bus, I thought. As she got off at her stop, she thanked me. Central Kitchen, which redirects leftover food from local businesses and farms, prepares the food in kitchens that employ the homeless, and then delivers it to feed the needy.

I blamed the environment. I could see that she was being touched; I was being touched as well, sharing my talent for a moment, on a New York bus.

give an example of specific talents and abilities that you have used to serve others?

Anything and everything that sparked a creative fire in me was fair game. There are as many leaders in the world as there are followers. I could do a song and dance right here and now!

talents and gifts

That one person could be you. I could act right here! Too often they opt out of being creative. It can be painful to show the parts of yourself that are really you.

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Share Your Gifts: Lessons from Street Photographer Vivian Maier