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Yet new entrepreneurs too often fall into the trap of just getting the business started and worrying about everything else later on.

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Pomerene was highly recommended by the man who had taken his seat in the Senate inRepublican Simeon Fess: I simply desire to say this much about the man with whom I had a contest in Ohio.

See United States v. In the second place, are the means which have been adopted by the Government for doing that the proper ones, the best ones, to the greatest advantage of the Government, which could be obtained?

The protection of the naval reserves was short-lived, however, as private interests found a receptive ear in members of the Harding administration. Francis Busch, an historian, writes: Today these cases have a dual significance. The United States Government needs the biggest and best prosecutors that can be had to meet those attorneys in the courtroom and carry the criminal prosecution to conviction.

Pan American applied for a writ of certiorari that was granted on March 22,but on February 28, the Supreme Court affirmed the Court of Appeals' decision.

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The investigation also included "numerous charges of illegality, graft, and influence-peddling in the Justice Department. In JuneU. After all, it is not our business to press legislation affecting the cases in which we are concerned.

United States, U. The attorneys in this case will not be the representatives of the President to carry out his administrative policy.

Such a selection will arouse suspicion in the public mind, and if the cases fail, as they may fail, it will cause a revulsion of feeling in this country that will endanger the very Government itself.

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