The effectiveness of teaching vocabulary through language games

The words used in the test are taken from the word list found in the syllabus. Games can lower anxiety, thus making the acquisition of input more likely.

importance of language games in teaching vocabulary

It requires much effort from the learners even more so for young ones. Word association requires students to name all the words they know associated with any lexical category.

Importance of language games in teaching english pdf

Teaching and Learning Vocabulary. The experimental group received instruction and the control group was taught in the traditional way of teaching vocabulary including the uses of both groups 12 sessions of treatment, each 45 minutes with the same materials; and then they took a post-test at the end of the course. The participants were 40 female students who were selected among 80 learners. One at a time, each student describes the tool without saying its name. The classroom atmosphere was exciting as our EFL students discussed and worked together. In order to communicate well in a foreign language, students should acquire an adequate number of words and should know how to use them accurately. Vocabulary is the total number of words in a language. They were studying English at an English institute. Young learners have a lot of energy and getting them to sit in one place for a long period of time will cause them to lose their interest and stray their attention away from the intended lesson. Games can make the students more focus in learning, because they do not feel that they are forced to learn. Secondly, young learners are also able to learn from others be it from adults or from their peers. Angelova, T.

Now let us look at what games the teacher may exploit while working with words. Efendi, E.

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It is believed that games are just for fun and they have very little effect in teaching and learning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. There are many advantages for using co-operative learning. In fact, English teachers have found out that the more vocabulary that the students know the better their performance in English will be. Hadfield ; Quoted in Deesri, , p. Vocabulary and Language Teaching. Environmental peace education in foreign language learners' English grammar lessons. Games are able to promote healthy competition among pupils in the classroom. UK: Cambridge University Press. They were studying English at an English institute. Some teachers suggest that games be used at all stages of the lesson, provided that they are suitable and carefully chosen.

Both the English teachers in the school and three pupils from different English language competency will be interviewed. There are many advantages of using games.

H, Ghanei M.

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Although Games are effective in cooperative learning new words, they cannot be successful if the teacher does not explain the tasks and roles of students clearly in playing games. In this study, researchers made use of various activities to teach vocabulary to young learners years old. If teachers want students to remember new vocabulary better, it needs to be learnt in context, practiced, and then revised to prevent students from forgetting.

the effectiveness of games on learning a foreign language

So, each group will have around 19 pupils. The teacher made test based on Hill's book given to them as the pre-test.

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Using games in vocabulary teaching