The evolution of communication industries

Adjustments in the regulations governing the management of intellectual property will be necessary to ensure that sufficient incentives can be provided as rewards to support effort and creativity, and at the same time that prices offered to consumers will make these goods and services attractive.

Since the late twentieth century, the Internet has represented potentially the most dramatic influence on the character of the communications industry. This expansion continued with an increasing supply of original programming from cable networks.

In some countries, the first physical competition to the original monopoly network was a fibre-optic cable. In public mobile telephone service was introduced in 25 cities across the United States.

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At the same time, however, firms in the industry have had to divide those revenues among an expanded network of claimants. Unlike newspapers, however, the number of radio stations has increased somewhat dramatically following decisions by the Federal Communications Commission to liberalize its multiple station and cross-media ownership regulations in the s.

Page 17 1. By advertising revenues captured by Internet publishers were only a fraction of the total spent on advertising that year. But the biggest leap in communications involved electronic postings of individual messages.

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The Evolution of Business Communication