The four categories of risky behavior

Useless arguments are those that simply fuel hostility and have no real purpose. Part of risk-taking involves testing boundaries to see whether adults and peers approve. This is because investors like to know they are set to receive stable returns on their money.

However, this is inefficient; it could cost a company extra cash and encourage investors to avoid the company. Sexual Behaviors That Lead to Unwanted Pregnancies or Sexually Transmitted Diseases In addition to the behaviors listed above, there are risk factors that contribute to unintentional pregnancies and diseases, such as having intercourse before the age of 13, having multiple partners, not using protection during intercourse, not being tested for HIV, drinking alcohol or using drugs during or before intercourse.

For instance, in12, adolescents between the ages ofdied due to an unintentional injury; 4, died due to homicide; and 4, died because of suicide.

You can back up family values by being a good role model in things like drinking alcohol, driving and treating other people respectfully. Nevertheless there are other factors, like emotional and social competences that are important resources for well-being in adolescence.

But you know how bad they are for your health and other parts of your life.

identify and explain four types of risky behaviour amongst the youth

Testing Boundaries Teens naturally seek independence as their brains mature.

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Risky Behaviors