The importance of being specific in internet searching

Tip: You can perform more specific searches by using specialist search engines. These are frequently used words such as prepositions in, of, onconjunctions and, but and articles a, thewhich mean that you'll end up with more pages in your search results than you need.

That includes advertisements, newspaper headlines, websites, text messages, traffic signs, T-shirt slogans, and on and on and on. The operative word here is "relevant". To retrieve pages where all the keywords appear in the body of the page, use the allintext: operator before the search terms.

Taking your search topic and translating it into the most important keywords that describe your topic is the most effective search technique. Some blogs, for example, rank highly without actually being written by accredited experts.

ways to find information on the internet

And as consumers and organizations come to rely more heavily on them to find the goods, services and suppliers they need, the importance of the Search Engines to modern businesses can only increase.

Assuming each user looks at an average of two search results pages, each of which displays 10 search results, that gives an average of billion search results shown to Internet users in a single month. Google no longer uses this function, but Yahoo, for example, does.

How do you search for information on the internet?

Read our Privacy Policy 6. Extremely helpful to search on programming websites that do not have a search functionality. A Are school vouchers good or bad for public schools? If the term is a single word, using quotation marks will cut out stemmed variations of it. Also, use the simplest form of the keywords that you're looking for, by avoiding plurals and verb forms with suffixes such as -ing, -s or -ed. Say, for example, that you want to find a local supplier that can design an exhibition stand for your company. Finding This Article Useful? So remember, keep it simple and use important words only. If you type stand design into your search engine, the results will include many pages about other types of stand, whereas typing exhibition stand designer will return a more concise range of companies. I will discuss Paid and Organic search in much more depth in a separate article. The majority of searches are for non-brand keyphrases - for example, "Hong Kong luxury hotel" rather than "The Peninsula Hong Kong". If you add your location, for example, you'll likely find someone local.
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How to Search the Internet Effectively