The main underlying causes of the for world war i in europe

Specifically, France and Germany were heavily involved in an arms race in which each country doubled their armies between and However, this millenarianism was short-lived, as Germany was unprepared to fight the long war, which took a dramatic and demoralizing toll on its people and later set the stage for the rise of the Third Reich, less than two decades later.

Germany felt that this powerful alliance surrounding them posed a real threat to their existence and power in the region.

militarism in ww1

Recommended Readings:. Later, Italy and the United States would enter on the side of the allies. Germany Millenarianism — Spirit of Millenarianism is a belief held by a religious, political or social group or movement that a coming major transformation will occur, after which all things will be changed.

what was the underlying cause of world war 1 dbq

In response to Germany's alliances, France and Russia established an alliance in Germany felt that this alliance surrounding them was a threat to their power and existence. Further, in Germany and Russia particularly, the military establishment began to have a greater influence on public policy.

what caused world war 2
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The Top 5 Causes of World War I