The political framework of islam and principles of towhid

Such responsibility demands an Islamic world order oriented toward human activity in public action, rather than excessive legalism, materialism, or spirituality alone. For a traditional Muslim, Islam is the sole and sufficient identification tag and nationalism and nation-states are obstacles".

Islam has laid down universal fundamental rights for humanity as a whole, which are to be observed and respected in all circumstances irrespective of whether a person lives on the territory of the Islamic state or outside it and whether he is at peace with the state or at war.

Man, according to Islam, is the representative of Allah on earth, His vicegerent. Also God has no physical form and he is insensible.

political life of prophet muhammad

An ontological argument for the existence of God was first proposed by Avicenna in the Metaphysics section of The Book of Healing [28] [29] Other forms of the argument also appear in Avicenna's other works, and this argument became known as the Proof of the Truthful.

Rulers and ruled are subject to the same law and there can be no discrimination on the basis of position, power or privilege. It is obligatory for the Amir to administer the country with the advice of his Shura.

All of man's character traits and habits, everything that pertains to his individual existence must become completely naughted and "obliterated" mahw. No individual, family, class or race can set themselves above Allah.

Another reason for deviation from monotheism is when one becomes a slave to his or her base desires and passions.

History of political islam

Islamic art[ edit ] The desire to preserve the unity and transcendence of God led to the prohibition of Muslims from creating representation or visual depictions of God, or of any Prophet including Muhammad. Others go yet further and use the term to ultimately represent the totality of the "principles of religion". The Islamic state can thus plan its welfare programmes in every age and in any environment. Worship and obedience are due to Him alone, no one and nothing else shares it in any way. To do so, the cause must be an existing thing and coexist with its effect. For a traditional Muslim, Islam is the sole and sufficient identification tag and nationalism and nation-states are obstacles". The injunctions of Allah and His Prophet are to be accepted and obeyed and no legislative body can alter or modify them or make any new laws which are contrary to their spirit. Executive and Legislature The responsibility for the administration of the Government in an Islamic state is entrusted to an Amir leader who may be likened to the President or the Prime Minister in a Western democratic state. In public life, this view insists that the authority of the state prevails over any religious authorities.

Sayyid Qutb articulated an Islamic worldview based on tawhid as a human response to God, whereby society is to reflect divine unity through unanimous submission to God's revealed will, both privately and publicly.

Then God will give back to him his character traits and everything positive he ever possessed. That state became the basis of the modern state of Saudi Arabia. The dominant forms of expression in the Islamic art, thus, became calligraphy and arabesque.

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Political System