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Volver, in English, Coming Home or Coming Backis a gripping melodrama inspired by the trash TV that is a soundtrack to its characters' lives. She moves, however, without the soundtrack of wolf-whistles that earlier ages might have composed for her.

Almodovar is above all a director who loves women -- young, old, professional, amateur, mothers, daughters, granddaughters, dead, alive. When Raimunda says to her miraculously returned mother: "I don't know how I have lived all these years without you In Pedro Almodovar's enchanting, gentle, transgressive "Volver," a deceased matriarch named Irene Carmen Maura has moved in with her sister Paula Chus Lampleavewho is growing senile and appreciates some help around the house, especially with the baking.

The film reminds me of Fellini's " Amarcord ," also a fanciful revisit to childhood which translates as "I remember.

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He is greatly influenced, we are assured, by Hollywood melodramas of the s especially if that decade had been franker about its secret desires. Cruz's beauty appears in an altogether different love-context: that of a mother's passionate love for her daughter.

They live, or whatever you'd call it, in a Spanish town where the men die young, and the women spend weekends cheerfully polishing and tending their graves, just as if they were keeping house for them.

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This is a story of returns, just as the title tells us, but its chief subject is feminine and provincial rites, rituals and customs. Very few filmmakers have managed to smile so convincingly in the face of misery and fatality: Jean Renoir and Billy Wilder come immediately to mind, and Mr. Volver seemed guilelessly wonderful when I first saw it earlier this year in Cannes. So Volver is a ghost story. It seems to me a dreary prospect. Raimunda's family life shatters with one terrible act of violence, and there is a secret about her late mother Irene Carmen Maura that surfaces when Irene returns from beyond the grave to make contact with her astonished daughters. Volver could have gone on for another hour or two: there seemed so much more to say. You'd run out of customers in a generation or two.

The dance tune playing at the party prior to Raimunda's lip syncing is called "Good Thing" by the British three-piece indie-dance combo Saint Etienne. Paco ends up on the kitchen floor, his arms and legs splayed in an uncanny reminder of the body on the poster of Preminger's "Anatomy of a Murder.

Now it looks even better. The image goes beyond camp, and certainly beyond desire, into a feminised world in which work, survival and family love are paramount. It seemed impossible not to mention that shot in an interview at Cannes Film Festival where the film won honors for best script and ensemble cast.

He also achieves a vivid portrait of life in a village not unlike the one where he was born.

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