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Extracurricular Activity Example 13 Founder of the blank afterschool art program Created an after school art program for kids in kindergarten-fifth grade, once a month, at a Title I school that does not have art supplies. Many students ask which of these activities will most impress colleges, and the reality is that any of them can.

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ExtraCurricular Activity Example 1 Chief Facilitator, Understanding Leadership Developed lesson plans, lobbied local businesses for sponsorships, held marketing sessions, established partnerships to run 2-wk leadership camp.

Discover what you enjoy doing - and do it in your free time!

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Church activity: Community outreach, helping the elderly, event planning, community suppers, church-sponsored music and athletic programs, teaching or organizing for summer camps and retreats, missionary work, and any other activity run through the church. My high school allows sophomore and junior students interested in STEM careers the opportunity to work inside a gas company. Embrace school publications by becoming a part of your school newspaper crew, or the yearbook production team. Not only should an extracurricular be something to which you devote a significant and regular amount of non-studying time, but it should also be something in which you are emotionally invested. Consequently, the strongest applications show that the applicant is committed to an activity in a meaningful way. Internships or job shadowing programs. External Influences One ought to have a nice combination of school gigs in addition to outside world ventures. Thus, most choose to take advantage of their likings or strengths to establish their own lives, bolstering relationships, not to mention, themselves by way of extracurricular activities.

Often, the members of student government are in charge of overseeing events. Internships Obtaining an internship while in high school is impressive any way you slice it.

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Dodge pitfalls in school. These activities show that you have interests outside of the classroom.

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Get involved with groups at youth centers, shelters or local charities.

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Extracurricular Activities: Options & Advice