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We keep the library open until 10pm and invite supervisors to join us. For me, writing this Extended Essay was all a matter of putting a puzzle together. There is evidence that hominids walked on two feet as early as 6 million years ago, but its confirmed that they were mostly bipedal 4 million years ago. This paper investigates the comparison of the rate of change between species of hominid over time in size and shape of the skull, foot, and pelvis fossils and analyzes how this can supply us with information to understand the relationship between becoming bipedal and becoming intelligent. I decided to do my EE on baking bread because I love to bake and I have a bread machine that takes almost all human error out of the bread making process, making it perfect for an experiment. Because of the diversity of their topics we have the unique challenge of obtaining materials from around Massachusetts, the country, and occasionally the world. Abstract: This essay deals in the comparative analysis of cinema as it pertains to the adaptation of fairy tales. However, at this point in the year we see them facing their college decisions with confidence and clarity. The entire reason I chose to write the essay on this topic was due to a TED talk that I had watched previously that talked about how with the advent of the internet, dance was evolving before our very eyes. Starting the essay during the summer was a huge benefit too, because it gave me the time to completely polish it before I submitted it. Thus, Mandela effectively used rugby to ease racial tensions and provide South Africa with the tools of maintaining this atmosphere. It was a difficult process the whole way through but I gained so much.

The idea of analyzing my favorite childhood movie was not just fascinating, but fun. It inspects the teams in the time period from their creation inthrough to the end of the Vietnam War in I was a child of the nineties, at the height of the second wave of Disney animation.

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Focusing on the textual setting, this investigation studies how these settings could be conveyed theatrically through set design: for instance, how the symbolism and atmosphere of a written description of a mountain in the story could be recaptured in the choices of a set designer in a theatrical production.

This study found that former IB students indicated higher ratings of aspects of inquiry learning that represent self-regulation in the inquiry process and that, on average, IB students were less likely to view learning as primarily memorization of information.

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The world view Caroline acquired at Sturgis has inspired her to pursue her interests in international events and multicultural communities. Students complete six workshops in the spring of their Junior year and they will attend two workshops in the fall of their Senior year.

Once I had the research and information gathering done, it all boiled down to putting it all together into an essay.

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I had ideas anywhere from an English essay on science fiction to a Physics essay on Einstein, so by the summer I had not even found a subject area let alone a topic or research question.

In the interest of succinctness, the scope of the analysis is narrowed to examining the gender roles as they relate to the portrayal of women and female nature in two specific cinematic recreations of the iconic fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

The Process: I was one of those people that really wish I had done something over the summer because it was hard to balance completing my EE and doing my school assignments.

There were no doubt moments when the deadlines for CAS reflections, TOK assessments, and Extended Essay drafts felt like a cacophony of extraneous demands to our senior IB diploma candidates.

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Firstly, the study sought to understand which variables best differentiated IB from non-IB undergraduate students in terms of their inquiry self-efficacy, views on the nature of science, inquiry values, epistemic beliefs and approaches to learning. Former IB students and a comparison sample of former Advanced Placement AP students were selected for participation in the study. From day 1 of brainstorming, I knew my main interests were in three areas: Spanish, psychology, and international relations. Extended Essay to thank! A good secondary education has to be more than a collection of courses. Without recognition from the World Heath Organization it becomes difficult to implement solution to this problem. They set up self-educating activities in the community and reflect on what they learn about the world and about themselves in the process. Come back and visit next Fall when we have our Alumni day.

The literary analysis will prove that Lewis uses Charn and Narnia of examples of what Earth was and could become in the nuclear age, and the theatrical interpretation will explain how his message could be imparted visually.

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When are the Extended Essays due?