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To carry out research which requires disclosure of sensitive, personal information and experiences in a group setting is confounded with inherent problems. If you do transmit, do you plan on including video clips of key respondent comments in your final presentation?

To appear openly critical of products, services and suppliers cannot be assumed to be so easy. What questions should they ask and what do they need to know about your product or service to answer any questions from participants?

A comparison of small monetary incentives to convert survey non-respondents: a randomized control trial. If you watched the groups from the backroom, but used a video streaming provider to capture the audio and video to be viewed again later, you may be able to download an audio podcast to you iPod or MP3 player to listen to your groups while on the airplane traveling between venues or back to your office.

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The natural response is to be more polite and present the account which represents that which is expected to be heard rather than the personal account, which may be considered less socially acceptable. The balance of homogeneity and heterogeneity within a focus group is crafted carefully for a successful group. The undeniable popularity of the focus-group methodology appears to have resulted in a practice of using the method almost indiscriminately, regardless of whether it is appropriate to address a given research question. You need to invest significant time and effort to organize and conduct a focus group. Morgan, D. Public Opinion Quarterly, 76 3 , — Focus groups and surveys can help marketers, product managers and designers practice this method, which is part of the growing discipline of user-centered design. Video streaming as we have mentioned earlier in this paper is one of those products.

You know well that nothing is black and white in the world of market research and consumer feedback. In terms of both budget and timing, surveys offer a lot of flexibility as well.

Morgan, Richard A.

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Do you want the participants to do any activity or homework before they arrive to the focus group or respond the survey? Discuss your AV needs — For instance will you be streaming the live focus group? In support of all of you who are conducting research we decided to compile a short list of tips and reminders that some of our top clients use in the field.

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Using the Focus Group in Market Research